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    Custom Mother and Baby's Face Minime Throw Pillow Personalized Photo Gift for Her

    SKU : CYXZ0P001X01
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    Buy 1, enjoy 20% off for 1 of the items
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    Height 20cm-7.8"
    Height 20cm-7.8"
    Height 30cm-11.8" (Best Selling)
    Height 40cm-15.7"
    Height 50cm-19.7"
    Only 999991 left
    Personalized mother and baby's聽face pillow with custom text, it's the perfect blend of personalization and comfort! With our pillow, you can transform your favorite photos and words into a tangible symbol of your love. Create your personalized masterpiece today and cherish those moments.
    About the fabric
    The fabric is made from100% high quality spun polyester!
    Individually cut and sewn by hand.
    Note: Only one face on each pillow. Example photos don't turn out well: